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Cover girl: Courtney Quinn

There is only one star in the sky that shines during the day and disappears during the night: the Sun. The protagonist of the solar system is essential for the existence of life on planet Earth. Plants, animals and humans highly depend on the star. Planets, asteroids, comets and all the cosmic dust to which we belong, revolve around it. In addition to defining the start of a new day, the sun allows us to restart within our 24 hour journey, to try a new or different approach or to continue where we stopped. And we have, as living creatures of this vast universe, the privilege of being graced with the possibility of making our best choices, in search of what in theory, makes us happy. The sun does not allow excuses, failures or giving up, because just the fact that you are reading these words, that is already proof that you have everything necessary to seek your happiness. As an absolute king, or as the god Helios in Greek mythology, it is in the summer that it privileges us of its maximum presence, marking the season as a new phase. Like a big injection of energy into our lives, it gives us a boost of strength, reminding us we need to be better, we need to be resilient. Accept the heat as a convenient nuisance that won’t let us settle, and take the brightest, most intense light to make us more focused. And despite everything we have been through this year, we can be sure of one thing: the sun is the balance and the reason for life, and summer is its visit at our homes.