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june 2020

Cover girls: Kate Citrone, Alleya Slagter wearing Lisu Vega and Sydney Herrera

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image. Thus said Goethe, a German writer 200 years ago. And although two centuries have passed, this statement makes me question the present with such an unsettling freshness. Living on the margins of a new social reorganization, the world tries to understand how we will behave from now on with the developments that came without asking any permission, taking away those we love and those we have never met, without saying goodbye. Trying to find clarity into madness, and responses in the midst of pain is above all, an exercise of self-knowledge. Creating new habits and new attitudes that are part of a larger collective, ends up revealing who we really are. The latest happenings allows us to dive into our personality matrix. And from this experience we will be able to better understand each other and potentially reprogram the way we are going to live in the new world. We know how we got into this situation. But we are still not sure how we will be in the future. Better, worse, with more empathy… or perhaps less. The world outside is changing. And I believe it will change even more. We, as individuals, will certainly be impacted in so many ways, we’re part of the change. It won’t be like before. And before our anxiety seeks answers, the decision we can make now is whether to embiggen or let ourselves be hit. Living or dying, more than the biological state of our body, is now a choice of our souls. And if Goethe said “to die is just not to be seen”, I ask you, how will you see yourself after this?