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Cover girls: Zarnash Zafar, Alison Bowles, Kaye Cox, Christy Opie

September is a very important issue for fashion magazines as it marks the change of seasons. Traditionally, we put up together a big catalog as every brand needs to be marketed out there. This year threw as off in every single way. The pandemic and events that demanded a much needed shift from a racial standpoint. A turmoil of opinions tries to predict the future that is still uncertain to all of us. No matter how big or small, every brand is struggling to find a way to come back to business. The publication sector faces even more challenges as we are highly dependent on new collections, products and fashion events. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel: we were extremely happy to join efforts with the Miami International University of Art & Design and the Fashion Group International to cover PARAISO Miami Swim Week. They have adapted to new protocols for fashion shows, and we were able to experience it. And we’re glad to see how successful it was. Similarly to our previous issues, when we positioned ourselves during quarantine, Black Lives Matter, positive message during summer, now we want to convey another strong message: let’s reflect on how fragile we are and never forget about what we’ve learnt. Let’s unite and bring more love to each other and help build a better world.