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APRIL 2020

Cover by Artyom Lavrukhin in Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula

Certain moments are made eternal in our memories through significant events, being those moments joyful, sad, challenging or full of excitement. Sometimes something completely insignificant for those who see it from the outside, but ginormous for those who actually live it. As unique as a personal moment in our hearts, this new crisis that humanity is going through brings up a sense of collective connection, which will be marked forever in our memories and hearts. Our quarantined hearts are like a path with no direction, where trying to be guided is ineffective. It is like sailing in a rough sea without a compass, and any attempt to be sensible goes against our own nature. In the midst of a global crisis, the fear that comes is natural, it is human after all. And feeling our heart squeezed by fear, reveals us that we belong to something greater than ourselves. Fear reveals us that we are deeply concerned with our family and friends, but also that we have a perspective that crosses borders, breaks down prejudices, and ignores any kind of political view or economic uncertainty. Our hearts amid this storm that plagues the world tell us that we are one and that the world is the backyard of our homes. And even though I didn’t know it, my heart now tells me that I must be strong, because the love and compassion I have for others, reveals me how strong I am. Facing an invisible enemy that tries to make us small, that tries to expose our weaknesses and sins, my heart leads me to keep myself upright and face it. If something positive can be seen, it’s that we are all being affected not only by a disease, but by a sense of collective humanism, which in fact brings us closer and makes us more human. The hope from many is dormant, but it will be reborn, and I believe that these difficult times will be soon gone. And in the middle of the rubbles, I hope for a new, evolved society that flourishes with hearts devoid of shame, spreading how much love there is in this world.