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MAY 2020

Cover girl: Olga Dubrovina, mixed-art by Lisu Vega

When I woke up this morning at 8:45 am for a videoconference, I had a flash of thought. I’ve experienced the feeling of living inside an 80s science fiction movie that I watched as a child. Finally (or unfortunately) I would be replacing personal contact through technology. Well, these technologies have been around for quite some time, and social media has already been bringing that gap in some manner. But to be conditioned under a new order of social isolation and replacing human touch with technology, that’s different. Things have changed for real. Probably much more than we anticipated and with a speed that scares. And it scares for the fact that the human condition is under criticism at this moment of extremes. What brings us here (Earth) and carries on our journey is now placed under a perspective of importance – which weights differently for each of us. What makes us wake up in the morning, like a simple coffee with your children, a small talk with your neighbor, hugging your parents, the realization of a personal project… All these small doses of happiness that feeds us daily, whether in any degree of size, are now put in the background for the sake of a greater good. This shows me that through a tortuous path, it is revealed to us that we are elements of a larger community, and that we do have a much greater role and importance. By depriving ourselves of our selfish desires, we are learning that the meaning of cooperation and compassion is our biggest part of ourselves. We can finally understand that we can be better because we have the best within ourselves. Today we have the shadow of misfortune hanging over much of the world, a dark cloud that haunts our thoughts and tries to erase our dreams. But we (undeniably) do have the inner strength to bring the light back. Stronger and brighter than before. We have the choice to let ourselves be positively impacted by this light of love, perseverance, and resilience, and to be better for ourselves and for everyone. And by choosing shadow or light is still, and will always be our option. Because after all we are the result of an equation of flesh, soul and much light!